"A Simply Beautiful Year" Embracing Your Personal Style

While New Year's resolutions are made with the best of intentions, almost all fail. Why? Most often, its because they are vague and more idealistic that realistic, setting us up for disappointment in the long run. 

"I'm sticking to a budget this year- shopping less and spending less!"

"I hate half of what's in my closet. I need to find a whole new look."

Either of these sound familiar? "A Simply Beautiful Life" is taking these resolutions made out of negativity and turning them into positive goals that you may even, dare I day it, have fun working towards!


Honing in on your personal style has so many advantages: 

- Reducing "closet clutter" Cheers to less laundry!

- Less time & stress dressing each day.

- Savings from not buying clothes that you don't need or will never actually wear. 

- The confidence boost of loving your look!


The greatest part is that this process doesn't end at your closet. Becoming more attuned to your personal style is a great starting point for exploring what makes you happiest in other areas of your life, such as home decor, career decisions, relationships and more. Embracing your authentic self is entirely liberating and empowering! Grab a pen and paper for notes, then read on for my tips on how to get started...

Identify your L.I.F.E.  

Lifestyle- Start by thinking about the different "uniforms" you wear day to day. What do you consider practical and appropriate? This may look very different from person to person based on job environment, family life, hobbies, etc. Stocking up with pieces that you both love and can wear on a regular basis will make your life so much easier and happier!

A few of my favorite things: texture, neutrals, effortless layering, cozy knits in fun shapes, booties, heels, stripes, and bohohemian accessories.

A few of my favorite things: texture, neutrals, effortless layering, cozy knits in fun shapes, booties, heels, stripes, and bohohemian accessories.

Inspiration- Who inspires you and why? Think of those that you admire for style and those you admire based on personality and overall energy they exude. What is it about them that you want to embody in your own unique way? Next, create a Pinterest board for visual representation. Take 30 minutes or so to pin ANYTHING that appeals to you style-wise. Search the people you listed above, as well as outfits by season, work environment, favorite colors, or pieces of clothing ("blazer outfit"). 

Feelings- How would you describe your current style- what are the first words that come to mind? How do you feel about this description? Okay, how do you WANT to feel? What do you want your style to say about you?  What features do you love and want to accentuate? If you're having trouble coming up with the right words, see how some of these common descriptors feel: 


Examples- It's time to start putting your inspiration to work! Go back through your Pinterest board, saving only pins that you love, AND truly resonate with your newly forming personal style. You'll likely notice commonalities, for instance my board is FULL of looks using three key items: top, long layering cardigan, and jeans that give off a casual yet stylishly put together look that I could just live in! Keep in mind that it's okay to resonate with varied looks. We are multifaceted beings and as such, will connect with more than one aesthetic. This is especially true for different areas of your life- office attire versus weekend casual.  Next, go through your own closet and pull a few actual outfits from your closet that you absolutely and embody how you always want to feel. Take pictures of these and add to your Pinterest board, too. YOU can (and should) be an inspiration to yourself ; ) 

Build Your Personal Style Statement

This process is not about the clothing you wear- it's about how you wear the clothing! Complete the following statement and keep it close to your heart. 

Style Statement Sample.png
My Personal Style Statement.png

Move Forth and Conquer the World!

These are tools that you will use over and over again to guide you through building outfits and smarter shopping. Rather than simply setting a budget or banning yourself from the boutique all together, think about how each potential purchase works into your current closet and represents your personal style statement. If it doesn't fit all of the above criteria AND make you feel absolutely amazing on, skip it! Take this process a step further and create your very own capsule collection to streamline your style and closet even further!

I truly believe that defining your personal style is a game changer for your time, wallet, and confidence! Think of it as a key piece to the bigger picture of self-care (more on that later this month). Remember, you are so much more than what you choose to wear. If you begin to question your motives for wanting to change or self-destructive thoughts begin to emerge, step away to reconnect with yourself. Reflect with an empowering book/podcast, prepare yourself a DIY spa night, or seek the guidance of a trusted friend or professional to help get you back on self-loving track! 

All in all, exploring your personal style is about embracing your authentic self, radiating it from the inside out everyday. Stop chasing others' beauty, and step into your own! 

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