5 Free Things to Do on a Boring Afternoon

It happened, we got a blizzard in April- again. While being snowed in this weekend certainly wasn't at the top of my wish list of to-do's, getting creative around the house actually made for quite a bit of fun and productivity we wouldn't have enjoyed otherwise. If you're struggling with cabin fever waiting for the snow to melt this week, here are five free ways to beat the winter blues...

1. Take a trip down memory lane

album flatlay.jpg

This isn't the first time we've encountered some pretty freaky weather. Remember 5 years ago when we got hit with over a foot of snow in MAY? I do- it was about two weeks before our outdoor wedding... What's your most vivid weather-related memory?

I came across our wedding album while going through some clutter yesterday, and it provided me with a good hour's worth of entertainment. Wipe the dust off of your family album, school yearbooks, or even dig into your first Facebook albums- remember when they were a "thing"??  Bonus points for calling up the people who helped you make those memories!

2. Raid your own closet

outfit flatlay.jpg

You may not feel like throwing on a pair of shorts, but now is the perfect time to sort through your closet in preparation of warm weather styling! Store away your heaviest winter pieces and pull out your spring/ summer box to try on for fit, wear, etc. Get everything together that just doesn't work anymore, along with all the things that sat in your closet over the holidays, and donate.

Now it's time to have some fun with what's left. Start mixing and matching to build outfits, just like you would at the store. Make sure to snap pictures to use as reference once the snow melts and you can start actually wearing your favorites again. If you need a little inspiration, hit up Pinterest. Search "Spring outfits" or by specific items you already own, such as "striped shorts outfit". Take it a step further and create a Spring capsule collection and enjoy loving your look again, for free!

3. Brainstorm a Spring "bucket list"

art mueseum.jpg

At this point, we are on track to get about 2.5 weeks of enjoyably mild weather before we hit Summer and life gets busy. Plan ahead now to soak up every last minute of it! Visit a state park to watch nature coming alive or plan a day trip to enjoy a favorite spot you haven't been to all winter. I can't wait to make the drive over to Winona, MN for lunch at Blue Heron Café and a stroll through the MN Marine Art Museum. Go on a picnic before the bugs are too much to bear or gather your friends for a backyard BBQ before everyone starts leaving for the cabin.

4. Embrace hygge...

book flatlay.jpg

A Norwegian and Danish word loosely translating to "simple and cozy contentment", the concept of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a life-changer in terms of embracing rather than dreading the long winter months. Close the curtains, light some candles, and enjoy your favorite warm beverage in front of the fireplace or watching a movie. Leave your pajamas on all day and snuggle in a sea of blankets. Share a comforting meal in with the ones you love. Soon enough Summer WILL be here and while we've all been chomping at the bit to get outside, cozy little days such as today aren't quite the same in 90 degree weather. 

5. Or, pretend it is Spring already!


Maybe if we start carrying on with Spring activities, Mother Nature will get the hint and cooperate already. Nothing stops my husband from grilling, especially at this time of year. Pull the hamburgers out of your freezer, throw on a coat, and get cooking! Make a fun little cocktail or mocktail to sip and feel all the warm weather vibes- patio not required! 

Have a simply beautiful day! xoxo- Samantha