Make it a Simply Beautiful Year

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Are you a resolution maker? Have any stuck? While not being big into resolutions per say, I am very ritualistic. A new routine never starts mid-week in this household. New Year's Day is kind of like the ultimate reset, and a great way to kick off positive self-reflection, as well as plan some goals moving forward. One of my favorite podcasts is The Liberated Woman with Amber Chalus. During a recent episode "The Art of Reflecting", Amber had great advice for looking back on 2017 with admiration for yourself- honoring and celebrating your successes rather than fixating on the challenges. What resonated with me most was her truth that the woman you were created the woman that you are. Powerful, right? 

We live in a world that tells us that enough is never enough, that YOU are never enough. Too often social media perpetuates this notion, leaving us empty-pocketed and still feeling inadequate. It's time to peel away the veneer of Instagram extravagance and forgo extreme lifestyle advice that only sets you up for disappointment. My goal for and the entire Mae + Co brand is to provide you with relatable resources and practical tools that will help you embrace more a personal, balanced approach to style, home decor, and more- your simply beautiful life.

Enter the "A Simply Beautiful Year" series. Throughout January, I'll be posting weekly with ideas on how to transform common New Year's resolutions into realistic goals for sustainable lifestyle changes. Let's make 2018 the year that you stop chasing others' beauty, and step into your own! 

Next, we're going to talk about unearthing your personal style in order to scale back, simplify, and save money (even while shopping fair trade and/or locally). I'm so excited for you all to share in this journey and hope that you'll be back soon!