Scary Good: Last-Minute Scarecrow

Today, I needed a SUPER last-minute Halloween costume. Since it was already Halloween afternoon, the look had to already exist in my closet. Luckily, Pinterest came in clutch as usual. After a quick search, I settled on "cute scarecrow". It really was very easy to throw together with a few pieces from the closet and a little extra time at the makeup counter. Here's how you can get the look:


Hair: Braided pigtails. Done. Tie off with yarn or twine and top with a hat for extra effect.

Makeup: Think fall colors on the eyes. Go as simplistic or dramatic as you like. I did a mix of orange, burgundy, and green. Mix the same orange eye shadow with a little bit of bronzer in place of blush and on the tip of your nose. I promise, you can't go too heavy here! Use liquid eyeliner to outline your nose in a rounded triangle shape- don't forget to add "stitches" Lastly, fill in your lips with your preferred color. I chose a burgundy to mimic the eye shadow. Use black eye shadow in the corners for depth & then draw out from those corners with your liquid liner to give that signature "scarecrow" smile. 

Outfit: Again, fall aesthetic. You could work with a plaid button up, overalls, or a sweater and scarf like I did. 

All in all, this look took about 30 minutes to accomplish and cost zero dollars. Do you have a favorite go-to look for Halloween?