How to Host a Closet Swap

Closet Swap.png

Start a new tradition-

your friends always have the best stuff, anyways!

Hosting a closet swap is a great no-cost way to snap up a new look and get some quality time in with your friends. It can be as simple as providing snacks and asking each attendee to bring a few items from their closet to “swap”, but to ensure absolute success, take note of the following tips:




Send out personal invites and/or set up a private Facebook event at least two weeks in advance, even further out if you can! You want everyone to have the time to prepare by going through his or her closet and laundering as needed.

Also make sure to include a few rules. Designate what types of items to bring (seasonal clothing only, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.), and a minimum/maximum number to swap. You want a good selection for everyone, but you also don’t want to end up with too much to manage. And be sure to let everyone know that any items not “bought” will be donated to your favorite local organization.


Ask around to borrow a couple of clothing racks or get creative with your own furniture. Coat racks, coffee tables, chairs, doorframes, and curtain rods (just don’t overload!) can all be used to arrange your “boutique”.

Create a real shopping atmosphere by hanging, folding, and laying out different pieces. Bring out a couple of mirrors and designate at least one "fitting room" area. Bonus points if you can track down a mannequin!

Provide a few snacks and beverages or ask guests to contribute potluck-style, because swapping with champagne is always more fun.


Following a few simple guidelines for swapping so that everyone gets a fair chance at their coveted picks.

o   No actual shopping until everyone arrives and the boutique is ready to go.

o   Each guest can take three items from the boutique to start. You can either set the order by guests’ arrival time or pull a number from the hat. After all have gotten through, you can open it up for everyone to come back in for more. Guests should also be encouraged to take only as many items as they brought for fairness-sake!

Enjoy your friends and your new look! If you do throw one, be sure to comment below to let everyone know how it went and if you picked up any other tips of your own. I hope you have so much fun swapping ‘til you drop!